Date Night Makeup!

- - - Makeup is such a funny thing. You see it everywhere and everyone's got their own way of doing it, but also everyone wants to copy what they see too. (i.e. Kardashians). Stick to what you know or what you learn for YOUR individual face. - - -

My take on date night makeup could totally be different than what you imagined, or feel comfortable with. The thing is, everyone is different and everyone looks different in makeup.

However, these are the tips, I feel, will help you look and feel pretty on a date.

Foundation: Really depends on your skin, but don't ever cake it on. It's not pretty for anyone to experience and you look like you're trying to hard.

Contouring: NO. Not necessary for many things, especially not for a date. You want to look like yourself, just defined in some places. Most people overdo contouring or do it wrong anyway..

Blush: Keep it light and simple. If it's summer, go for a light pink, coral or peachy color depending on what you like best with your skin tone. If it's fall, go for a berry or plum, but lightly. Just enough so you're not washed out.

Eyes: NO LASHES. That's extreme. Stick with a light color on the eyes, shimmer or not, and a darker color in the crease for definition. A light brown smokey eye works too. If you are a liner person, then keep it on the top only, don't line inside your bottom lashes. Too dramatic. Then, finish it off with a good couple coats of mascara!

Lips: Keep it fairly simple. If it's a first date, don't do a bold lip. As much as I love red lips, it's not flattering when someone meets you for the first time because it takes away from who you are on a day to day basis. If you wear bold lips everyday, then I can't tell you to change who you are. Keep it up. But my idea for date night lips would be a soft pink, lipstick or gloss. But if you don't like that, a light stain or even chapstick works!


I hope this helps or comes in handy in some way!

Sincerely, Courtney